Study Is Fun

Would you like to know:

How to relax in 7 minutes feeling like you were sleeping for 4 hours?


How to reduce the exam stress?


How to behave on an oral exam?


How to use the World Wide Web as a powerful tool for studying?


How to collect materials for thesis, exam or research work in a very easy way without visiting libraries?


How to improve your creativity by applying some easy games?


How to make a presentation?


How can you reach success in 8 minutes on an international conference?


How to remember long lists in an easy way?


How to gain self confidence without drinking alcohol?


How can you change the process of learning to make you feel like you are just playing a game?



My name is Dr. Janos Kollar. I was a student for 15 years on different universities while I got different degrees (agricultural engineer, psychologist, teacher, clinical psychologist, relaxation therapist, doctor of science of music) and I have been teaching on different universities for 15 years, so I know some tips and tricks about the process of learning and teaching as well. Now I decided to share this knowledge with some students to help them being successful in an easy way.


The first time I held this course was on Middelburg Center of Transatlantic Studies, Roosevelt University, Middelburg, The Netherlands in 2009. Some opinions of the students participated on my course:

“I looked forward to coming class every day because every day was more interesting than the last and made me want to learn more.”


“I can take what I have learned in class and use it in life. And if I do it correctly I can become the successful woman I know I can be.”


“…it gave me a new outlook how to live!”


“My experiences from this course will stay with me for a long long time and help me live a wonderful life!”


“Every seminar was easy to attend because we were very involved.”


„Exceeded expectations… The exercises apply to the real world will be useful in everyday life.”


„This class was refreshing an excellent change of pace. I will never forget this class.”


„This class is one of the best I have ever taken! Thank you”!


„The things I learned in this class I can carry on in my everyday life to help myself be a happier person.”


„Everyone should take a course like this…”


„I have heard of some techniques for relaxation for example but none of my professors have ever teach us.”


„This course gave me some new perspectives on how to live my life. My views are different, views from even simple things to the most difficult things…”


„I can’t wait to try all of those relaxation exercises when I get back to the States and have to work on my presentation boards.”


            Conditions on Participation


Unfortunately because the lack of my time the course is available for

                          only 15 students.


It will be organized on two Saturdays (10 hours per each day). The cost of the program is 2.500 HUF (Hungarian Forint) or

9 Euros per hour.


If you are interested in the course you can contact me by e-mail: Please indicate „Study Is Fun” as a subject of the e-mail.